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Salaam Microfinance Bank Limited offers financing products that are designed to help you as an individual meet your emergency financial needs, finance your business or help you get started in your business. Moreover we facilitate those in business by offering them LPO financing, Trade Finance among other.   Go ahead and explore our financing products

Salaam Autofinace

You can get auto financing today within 24hours

Personal Finance

Get personal financing today and meet all your emergency needs

Working Capital Finance

Get working capital financing to ensure normal running of business with an inconsistent cash flow.

Group Investment Facility

Get financing for your chama/group projects

Invoice/ LPO Discounting

We help you deliver /service LPOs through our LPO financing offers

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Trade Finance

Trade Finance helps you liquidfy financing and ensure flow of cash, to mitigating risks inherent in trade

Takaful Premium Financing

Let us finance your Takaful premium with zero hustle

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Coming Soon

Wow ! Are you ready for this? we are happy to announce to you that internet banking is launching soon. Check back later for some updates

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