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Salaam Microfinance Bank, Inua Business Loans

Prepare for an exciting event on the horizon—Salaam Microfinance Bank is gearing up for the much-anticipated “Inua Business Loans Expo.” This event embodies our relentless dedication to uplifting local businesses, encapsulated in the Swahili word “Inua,” meaning “rise.” The Expo will provide a comprehensive overview of our business loan offerings, showcasing the flexibility and tailored […]

Salaam Microfinance Bank Mtaani Campaigns

Salaam Microfinance Bank, deeply committed to financial inclusion and social development, has set its sights on grassroots empowerment through the Mtaani Campaigns. These campaigns serve as a conduit for positive change, engaging local communities to foster financial literacy, economic growth, and societal harmony.  

Unveiling New Premium Visa Debit Card

Introducing Salaam Microfinance Bank’s latest offering, the cutting-edge Premium Visa Debit Card. This innovative card redefines banking convenience, allowing seamless access to funds worldwide for shopping, dining, and travel. Equipped with top-notch security features like EMV chip technology, it assures safe transactions, giving customers peace of mind. The card is not just about security—it’s a […]

Coming Soon

Wow ! Are you ready for this? we are happy to announce to you that internet banking is launching soon. Check back later for some updates

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